We have an extensive range of filters: for flock, air, dust, odors, grease which help to improve the functioning of humectation-ventilation-air conditioning machines and the environment of their workplace.

For air filtering, we have static or automatic dry filters, with flock retrievers. If the particles to be filtered are large pre-filters can be installed and can be sized in the form "V" for the purpose of increasing the air circulation section.

For other industries, in which odors, dust and grease are extracted by hoods, Air Mecon can offer you solutions such as a metal or mesh filter, or even deodorizing filters.

We have a range of air conditioning solutions: GX, FX, and even total filtering for white rooms, laboratories and special procedures.

If you wish, our technical team can determine in each installation the most suitable filter or pre-filter type, its maintenance cost and the cargo loss that fans must overcome. We can also offer you pressure regulators to control the dirt level...