These units are ideal for small premises or support for installations in which conventional systems cannot maintain the desired conditions.

The system used to cool the air is to pump outside air into humid panels of water, using a fan to cool down the premises.

The efficiency of evaporative coolers depends on a number of key parameters; the type of material used as a humidifier panel, air speed while passing through the surface and external conditions (temperature, humidity...).

Unlike other systems, water and power consumption of evaporative coolers is very low since these units are high-performing.

Equipos Caudal (m3/h) Potencia motor (CV) Potencia bomba (CV) Dimensiones (H x A x P en mm) Peso aproximado (kg) Consumo de agua aproximado (l)
AM 20/4/E 20.000 4 0,5 1500 x 1500 x 1690 380 180
AM 25/5,5/E 25.000 5,5 0,5 1500 x 1500 x 1690 405 180
AM 30/7,5/E 30.000 7,5 0,5 2185 x 2185 x 1690 650 350
AM 40/10/E 40.000 10 0,5 2185 x 2185 x 1690 665 350