As manufacturers of humidification equipment and thanks to our experience, we carry out the maintenance of these facilities to ensure their 100% efficiency.

Semi-central air conditioners and work stations require annual maintenance. If this is not undertaken, consequences entail a decrease in the volume of air and water spray amount, water drops running through the pipes, humidity reduction and temperature rise. All these effects could damage the equipment and lower production.

To avoid such ill-effects, it is necessary to perform maintenance of filters, droplet separators, spray systems, and check the balance of floodgates, control box recalibration and the water recirculation system.

In compliance with RD 865/2003 and Decree 352/2004, companies must carry out appropriate disinfections, performing maintenance of equipment units such as the humidifier section which can trigger the formation of bacteria.

Air Mecon has professionals who perform these maintenance tasks on a regular basis. The company is accredited to carry out equipment disinfection by experts who cater for all your needs, complying at all times with current regulations for the prevention and control of legionella. We issue official treatment certificates.