Sprays are suitable to moisten the air in specific areas that due to their characteristics of production and storage need to maintain certain conditions of humidity. Sprays are also convenient for air conditioning systems that need to keep very narrow intervals of humidity.

This system consists of installing a water line and another of compressed air that once they enter into the sprays produce a fine mist that evaporates very quickly in the projected area, reducing temperature and increasing moisture.

The regulation of these systems can be done with proportional or all/nothing control devices, to regulate the flows of water and air.

Modelo Caudal (l/h) Dimensiones (mm) Peso (g) Conexiones aire-agua Presión de trabajo (bar) - Aire Presión de trabajo (bar) - Agua Consumo de aire por l/h de agua aproximado (m3/h)
AMT/4 4 32 x 73 400 M 1/8" G 2,1 0,4 0,4
AMT/5,5 5,5 32 x 73 400 M 1/8" G 2,1 0,4 0,4
AMT/7 7 32 x 73 400 M 1/8" G 2,1 0,4 0,4